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Riverside County Private Investigator

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​Mark Pierce Investigations

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                Missing Persons Investigations

                Lake Elsinore Cheating Spouse Detectives

                Fugitive Warrants Specialist

                California Bounty Hunter

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 We are a full service Private Investigation Agency serving Lake Elsinore,Temecula, Murrieta, Corona, Dana Point, Newport beach, San Jaun Capistrano, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino Counties and all of Southern California and the entire U.S.A.

Client Protection

At Mark Pierce Investigations we protect our clients during the course of a private investigation if the need arises.

Mark Pierce Investigations provides elite services to ensure the safety of our clients especially during travel, working, attending events,  or even at home if a threat exists.

Mark Pierce Investigations team will plan, organize, and execute protection for our clients to ensure their safety at all times.

 Cheating Spouse Investigations

Think your spouse is cheating, staying out late, not coming home, hiding emails,text messages, phone calls.

As a Dana Point, Lake Elsinore private Investigator Mark Pierce and his staff of cheating spouse investigators are highly trained professionals that will get you the information to set your mind at ease or if your spouse is cheating we will get you the evidence you need to prove their infidelity.

Stalker Investigations / Stop a Stalker

Are you being followed, someone watching you, notice someone outside your home at night, anyone threatening you ?, Ex-boyfriend, co-worker.

If you have a stalker we can get you the evidence you need to stop and remove the threat !!!!! 

 California Executive Protection / Bodyguard Services

Everyone faces certain dangers in life, but some people are targeted more then others. Top corporate executives, wealthy families, and famous people often need executive protection specialists for help in reducing the dangers that their positions in life attract. The goal of Mark Pierce Investigations is to safeguard our clients who face  above average personal  risks of threat  do to their high positions in business , government or celebrity status.

California Bounty Hunter / Fugitive Recovery Agent / Fugitive Warrants Specialist

Mark Pierce Investigations has been executing fugitive warrants for the Bail Bond Industry, Surety Companies, Federal, State and local Law enforcement  for over 25 years.

As a California Bounty Hunter we have an excellent reputation and track record of solving our cases and getting the defendant back into custody in a safe low liability manner.

We consider ourselves old school California Bounty Hunters using today's modern technology!!!!!!

Skip Tracing

If you are looking for a person, boat, airplane, jet ski, automobile, debtor, and can't find them, we can help.

We have the experience and knowledge to find people who  don't want to be found.

Other Services

Mark Pierce Investigations other services include but not limited to: Child Support Investigations, Background Checks, Criminal Investigations, Fraud Investigations, Workers compensation Investigations, Employee Investigations, Cheating Spouse Investigations, Insurance Investigations, Missing Persons Investigations, Criminal Defense, Bail Bond Investigations, Attorney Services,     Process Service, Child Recovery, Surveillance, Ect.

No matter what your situation is, We are here to help!!!!

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